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«The importancy of a digital strategy»

«The importancy of a digital strategy»

«Marketplace and a digital marketer need to understand their behavior and the implication of changes if an organization is to develop an effective digital marketing strategy» (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick 2016, 60)

Without a strategy business today will struggle a whole lot, there’s so much competition on so many different levels in today’s society. To achieve success, there must be a plan with a good strategy, and it must be implicated from day one. First ting a business must do is to analyze the situation and ask themselves “where are we today?” and second “what’s our goal?”. Analyze the data they already must use it and improve the current situation. By collecting data from traffic on websites, or how much sales and how many visitors through leads has been purchasing an item.

Strategy within the company is very important, this will help the company to keep track on the staff. Make sure to take fully advantage by using KPI and OKR’s to reach the company’s goals and visions. The business needs to sit down and figure out if the all the knowledge is available access for everyone? Or does someone need an extra education? Or should the company hire an extern counselor? But most importantly, does the company have enough expertise within the company? A good advice will be to use a SWOT Analysis, which helps the business understand what weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities they might be exposed to.

But let’s go back to strategy, there needs to be realistic goals.  I recommend everybody to use the SMART-Model, it’s a great tool for guidelines. It helps the company to target a specific goal, one that’s not impossible to achieve and is still realistic and can be measured in time. With a start and finish date. 

Instead of trying to be on all the different platforms or channels if you’d like, you’ll need to narrow it down to a few. Put all the focus and effort on trying your best to reach out to your audience through the one or two channels. The company must know where the potential costumer is spending most of its time. The business needs to know what content and services they have to offer to affect a purchase from the costumer’s side. Through today’s technology it’s easy to see where costumers left of, and what leads they “leave behind” as for example and IP address or if the customers leave the same site every time or even if they put something in the chart but didn’t purchase the item.

Audience and tone of voice
A strategy is not a way of reaching out to everyone you could ever imagine because this will take all your energy and you will put your focus in people who’s not interested in what you have to offer. You need to find your audience and figure out how to target them in a smart way. Narrow it down and “give them your all”.

Tone of voice?
It all comes down to how you choose to communicate through marketing, personally I believe that it’s about finding trust in your audience. And trust, takes time. You need to plant a seed in order for it to grow. Be patient. But when your audience trust you and your business, they will purchase whatever item or service they might find interesting.

It’s super important for a business to prioritize a good communication and marketing plan with their customers. The better the plan, the more information will be collected to the company’s data. This will be an easy way to keep track of where your business is growing and not à improve success.

Conversation tracking is important due to make sure succeeding with the digital strategy. WHY? Well, because this will give you the information on who subscribed for the newsletter, who purchased what and when and if anyone left a question or another custom inquiry. The company has to make sure these updates happens frequently.


Chaffey, Dave and Fiona Ellis-Chadwick. 2016. Digital Marketing – Strategy, implementation and practice. 6 utgave. Pearson Education Limited. United Kingdom

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