Oslo, Norway

Month: June 2019

«Reflection of what you’ve learned after completing the certifications»

Before you understand the importancy of actually knowing what you’re doing, you think sharing your business online is easy – you just have to POST and SHARE. And that’s all. Well, I was so wrong. There’s a whole dictionary of does and don’t. First of all, you need to have a plan and make sure…
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«Describe why the analysis are important» The analysis is a great tool for a business to keep track on how they’re doing, whether they’re in the process of expanding or not. And to find where there’s might be a problem or a challenge. It’s easier to find out exactly what type of things the business…
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«The importancy of a digital strategy»

«Marketplace and a digital marketer need to understand their behavior and the implication of changes if an organization is to develop an effective digital marketing strategy» (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick 2016, 60) Without a strategy business today will struggle a whole lot, there’s so much competition on so many different levels in today’s society. To achieve…
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