Oslo, Norway

Month: January 2019

Will human beings stop to socialize?

We talk about the fact that the machines and technology are slowly taking over the world. But one thing we don’t acknowledge as much is the fact that the human being, is more or less forced into a state where they don’t really have to be social anymore. I’m wondering how many people who actually…
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Now what’s an Algorithm?

Informatics and matemathics are the only two groups where an algorithm is used as a “problem solver” tool. Where they discover how they will be able to solve one or more problems, with the help of the algorithm. An algorithm effects you in your everyday life, weather you like it or not. It decides on…
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Let’s go viral!

Viral? What exactly does that mean?And how does it work? Well, let me break it down for you.Viral is when a certain type of information, for example a video or an image, is suddenly known worldwide. This is because of the power of the internet and how fast information is reaching the whole world in…
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A new year, new class, new classmates and a new aspect of life.

Today I took my first class this semester in digital marketing – where it’s mandatory to write a blog. So here I am, writing. I couldn’t decide if I’d would write in my native language which is Swedish, or if I’d try my best in Norwegian or if I should just go all in and…
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